Expert: Senior Communication Advisor and Manager



DEADLINE: 03/09/2018


24 Months


Qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree – where a university degree has been awarded on completion of three or more years of study in a university or equivalent institution; or alternatively minimum 3 years of general professional experience in addiction to the minimum number of years of general experience specified below will be considered equivalent.
  • Fluency in other EU languages – than those required for all staff – will be considered an asset.


General professional experience

  • Minimum 6, preferably 8 years of relevant professional experience working in communication, advertising, marketing or journalism and with or in media.

Specific professional experience

  • Design and implementation of minimum 2, preferably 3 large scale information or communication campaings aimed at general public (such as communication, advertising, campaings, elections, public awareness campaings, issue/policy advocacy, other).
  • Leadership and team management of minimum 1, preferably 2, information or communication assignments aimed at general public.
  • Experience in cultural communication/diplomacy will be considered an asset.
  • Experience in strategic and crisis communication will be considered an asset.


In the framework of the contract “EU IN SERBIA COMMUNICATION NETWORK (EUINFONET)” we are looking for a senior Communication Advisor and Manager,  that will be in charge of the different activities of the project:

  1. Design, planning and implementation of communication, information and media strategies.
  2. Support to and coordination of communication and visibility programs
  3. Outreach activities, public diplomacy and stakeholder engagement throughout Serbia, including through the financing and management or support of events, visits, debates, etc.
  4. Editing, production and dissemination of publications
  5. Research and analysis to plan and conduct media and communication activities
  6. Issue management, risk management and crisis communication




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