Project Leader- Information and Communication activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Information and Communication activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2019-2020






24 months


Qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelor degree (where a degree has been awarded on completion of 3 years of study in a university or equivalent institution), or 3-year experience above the general professional experience required below;
  • Working knowledge of any of BiH official languages would be considered an asset



General professional experience:

  • Minimum7 years, preferably 12 years, of relevant professional experience in the field of public relations, communication, and information, media and press, policy advocacy or marketing.

Specific professional experience:

  • Responsible for the management of minimum two projects, preferably four, predominantly aimed at communication towards general public, such as on EU communication, public awareness or issue/policy advocacy. The project should be completed within the last seven years, with each project having a minimum budget of EUR 400,000;
  • Experience in the management of a team of at least three members of professional staff at least one year duration, preferably five years.



The Project leader will be responsible for conceptualisation, planning and implementation of all communication and information deliverables (all outputs under the contract) as well as quality control.

Based in the EUIC and in close consultation with the EU Delegation, the expert will be responsible for conceptualising, creating, operationalising, coordinating and implementing all public information and communication deliverables and campaigns envisaged under this contract. The expert shall develop and supervise the implementation of visibility campaigns and messaging for the contract’s activities.

The Project Leader will be responsible for strategic guidance, overall coordination and full management of the whole team and of contract activities and outputs, including the technical, financial and human resources. The task of the expert will be the coordination of all the team activities, smooth daily operation and all necessary crisis management. The expert must create synergies between all the actions described in this tender and ensure that they are part of an overall concerted programmatic approach. In particular the expert must have full quality control of all the team outputs and full responsibility of their attendance, respecting of deadlines and coordination.

The expert should have excellent organisational and interpersonal skills, as well as analytical skills and capacity to work under pressure and in quickly changing information environment.

The Project Leader will be the main contact point and reporting authority for the EU Delegation on this project and will ensure discretion and trust in relations with the Contracting Authority.

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