Team leader

PROYECTO: EU Policy and Outreach Partnership in South America


DEADLINE: 12/07/2019


DURATION: The intended start date is 01/01/2020 and the period of implementation of the contract will be 24 months from this date


Qualifications and skills:

Minimum requisite:
-Advanced university degree (Master degree) or equivalent in a discipline relevant to the scope of the assignment such as public relations, public diplomacy, communication, management, or equivalent;
-Fluency in Portuguese (C1 level7), Spanish (C1 level) and English (mother tongue or C2 level);

Additional requisites:
-Project management skills;
-People management skills to be able to lead, coach and motivate a multi-cultural team of experts to deliver the required results;
-Experience in people and resource management.


General professional experience:

-At least 2 years of proved experience as a team leader in managing technical assistance projects/programmes;
-Minimum 10 years of general professional experience in a sector relevant to the scope of the assignment (public diplomacy, or public relations, or communication, or visibility, or equivalent);
-At least 3 years overseas working experience in Latin America;
-Participation in at least one project in the field of international affairs;
-Participation in at least one project implying knowledge and understanding of Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework approach.

Specific professional experience

 Minimum requisites:
-Minimum 5 years of specific professional experience (included in the 10 years of general professional experience) in the field of Public Diplomacy9 in external relations;
-Minimum 2 years of experience in management of Public Diplomacy projects (head of the project/ included in the 10 years of general professional experience);
-At least 2 years of specific professional experience working with EU procedures, in particular related to service contracts, monitoring and evaluation;

Additional requisites:
-Proven experience in communication and media;
-Knowledge of EU affairs (EU policies https://ec.europa.eu/info/index_en );
-Working experience in Brazil.

All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on.


The team leader will be responsible for the overall coordination of the technical assistance and ensure effective coordination between all project components. She/he will further have to demonstrate the ability to supervise the other key experts and mobilise and manage technical specialists as non-key experts for delivering the various technical tasks under the project.
The Team leader will also guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall project management and implementation, including that projects outputs, PIMS monitoring, and reports are appropriate, consistent, timely and of good quality.
The Team Leader shall have to demonstrate, throughout his proven qualifications, skills and professional experience, the following: excellent interpersonal skills and team-oriented and serviceoriented work style; self-motivated ability to work independently; eye for detail/accuracy,
resistance to stress; ability to dialogue with national Authorities and institutional structures (mainly regional/international organisations).
In addition, the Team Leader will be in charge of activities implemented in Brazil and eventually any other South America country not covered by key experts as per this ToRs, as needed.


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