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Project Description

Dates:  2014


The Innovation Forum was held in order to drive innovation and competitive business development in an everyday item for the company or institution. This event was organized and took place from the 10th until November 15th, 2014.

More than 700 people between industry, academia and government and members participated as speakers attended these three estates.

Three events were held:

  1. Innovation Week and Entrepreneurship at the headquarters of Mexico Innovation and Design (MIND), with presentations by experts in the field to convey the creative and business people the importance of innovation in enterprises.
  2. The World Creative Forum and the International Meeting of Creative Industries.
  3. The Show Room, MID (Design Ideas Market), which promotes the creative talent and seeks to position Jalisco and Guadalajara to host the entrepreneurship in Latin America. This is an outreach activity of innovative products, in parallel with the thematic sessions and workshops. It was rotating every day to present different products on the market with technological features, from equipment to transform air into water through condensation systems has also been installed on MIND, smart for disabled children toys, ice cream without milk, drones, prototype intelligent architecture, etc.

The program includes various conferences that provide innovation tools for companies, legal protection of innovation, methodology for the design of products and services, how to manage your office on mobile devices and success stories and innovation.

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