Project Description

Dates:  10/2020  –  10/2022

CONGENIA is one of the consultancy selected under the Framework Agreement to support the advisory activities of EIB. Lot 1: innovation (multiple service providers — assignments with a value > 150 000 EUR).

The services covered by the lot is expected to be either in support of innovative projects, or for projects in sectors characterised by a high degree of innovation :

  1. Project advisory services: Project advisory assignments may entail one or more of the following activities:
  • Analysis of a project’s market context and evaluation of the project’s strategic relevance in light of market circumstances
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Preparation or review of project business plan and related investor materials
  • Development of a project financial model
  • Preparation or review of Company’s valuation
  • Advise projectpromoters on alternative financing options, financing strategy and sustainable capital structure
  • Develop a roadmap for fundraising and prepare “hit-lists” of relevant potential investors
  • Assessment of the bankability and credit risk of a project, and formulation of recommendations to improve such bankability
  • Consultation of potential investors and / or market experts to support the above activities
  • Assistance in conducting due diligence for selected projects
  • Assistance in the implementation of bankability recommendations

2. Services in support of Horizontal activities: Services in support of horizontal activities may entail one or more of the following activities

  • Analysis of selected market or industry ecosystems, mapping of industry structure and identification of relevant sector companies; this may include the consultation of identified companies and/or industry experts
  • Analysis of funding needs and supply, identification of funding market failures and investment gaps, and analysis of the drivers of such funding gaps
  • Identification and consultation of relevant investors to support the above activities
  • Development of policy and financing instrument recommendations to address identified funding gaps
  • Evaluation of such financing instruments based on selected criteria
  • Financial modelling of the funding costs and credit risk implications of potential instruments developed

3. Other services in support of Innovation-related activities

  • Identification of companies and/or projects in sectors of interest to the Contracting Authority, based on pre-determined criteria (e.g., size, financial, business model, etc.)
  • Assistance for the set-up of potential investment platform or the development of potential new financial instruments

The sectors characterized by a high degree of innovation may include but not be limited to the following:

  • Space
  • Energy efficiency, renewables, energy storage
  • Innovative Transport
  • Circular economy
  • Bio-economy
  • Agri-food
  • Research, Technology and Innovation
  • Education
  • Key Enabling Technologies
  • Life sciences
  • Deep technology, semiconductors, photonics, high performance computers
  • ICT and Digital
  • TMT / 5G
  • AI / Blockchain
  • Any other sectors presenting high innovation and/or technology components and/or business model innovation aspects