Technical Assistance for Smart Technologies Design Development and Prototyping Centre (STEDEC) 2021-03-18T16:22:33+00:00

Project Description

Dates:  02/2021  –  02/2024

The project is a comprehensive assistance to the End Recipient of Assistance for the establishment and operationalization of Smart Technologies Design, Development and Prototyping Centre (STEDEC). The Centre will aim to increase R&D capacities of the agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers in Konya region of Turkey in terms of transformation their conventional products to smart products. The contract consists of three main pillars:

  1. Establishment and Operationalization of the Centre (STEDEC) including the following sub-activities: needs assessment and preparation of training plan, delivering trainings, conducting diagnostic studies, preparation of roadmap for networking-partnership, preparation of business plan, study visits.
  2. Capacity Building Service for SMEs with the objetive of increasing the overall capacity of the agricultural machinery SMEs in terms of smart technologies, awareness raising on smart technologies through training and implementation of pilot projects.
  3. Communication and Visibility: the recognition of STEDEC will be increased in order to achieve a better operationalization and it includes activities such as the support to promotion of STEDEC, carrying out awareness-raising activities, participation in fairs, sector conferences, visibility material.