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Project Description

Dates:  12/2018  –  05/2021

Call: AMIF-2017-AG-INFO

(Call for proposals to support awareness raising and information campaigns on the risks of irregular migration in selected thirdcountries).

AwArtMali is a joint action among partners from Italy, Spain and Cyprus, with the support of an NGO and a Communication Agency from Mali, aiming to contribute to the change of perceptions and behaviour of Malian nationals looking to irregular migration to EU as the only solution to their economic and social problems.

The project’s outcomes are:

  • To make Malians aware and informed of the risks of irregular migration, and also on relevant legal alternatives of migration, on economic opportunities of staying in Mali;
  • To strengthen the message against irregular migration;
  • To activate participatory processes involving relationship building and dialogue among Malian diaspora and other relevant stakeholders and establish a network involving them;
  • To give voice to Malian Diasporas in Italy and Spain.

The AwArtMali project focuses on:

  • Research for an effective communication (WP2),
  • Development of a tailored communication strategy (WP3),
  • Campaigning–theatre, video-doc, APP, blog and other media (WP4) and
  • Building sustainability–stakeholder capacity building and MoU (WP5).

More information is available in the project website.